Gail Norton Instrumentation Agencies was established in 1986 by Gail Norton, who for many years previously had worked within the instrumentation industry, building up a solid reputation as well as acquiring a wealth of experience.

It was because of this reputation and experience that Gail Norton was made the sole agent in South Africa - Africa for the Danish company Telco Sensors which are worldwide leaders in state of the art infrared sensor technology.Apart from Gail Norton Instrumentation agencies winning numerous Telco International Team of the year awards, Gail Norton personally was named South African business women of the year in 1997.

Gail Norton Instrumentation Agencies offers a "complete sensor application solution", specializing in instrumentation and automation control, process level control and level measurement (continuous, switch point, ultrasonic, radar, guided microwave, capacitance, vibration, conductive and TAG level switches). Included in our range are photoelectric sensors, optical sensors, infrared sensors, light barriers, safety light curtains, inductive sensors, capacitive sensors, ultrasonic sensors, pressure sensors, fork sensors, frame sensors and magnetic switches. Gail Norton Instrumentation Agencies are committed to top quality products, excellent service and first class back up support and a fully trained sales network country wide.

Photo-electric eyes have always needed perfect working conditions...but in the workplace, there is no such thing. Steam, water and dirt interfere with most photo-electric eyes...but never with a Telco sensor. For the accuracy and reliability you need, try the Telco line of photo-electric eyes. Our worldwide reputation is built on solving the most difficult photo-electric eye problems. Call us with your challenge.